I can provide my own equipment for use in a wide range of applications and environments from simple talking head studio interviews, to narrative dramas, to documentaries on location and reality TV shows. My kit is always available for use on projects and is kept in tip-top condition to ensure it works without fail.

Kit list:

Sound Devices 552 Mixer & Recorder.

Zoom F8 Multichannel Recorder with Time Code.

Sound Devices 442 Mixer.

Zoom F4 Multichannel Recorder with Time Code.

Sennheiser 416T Shotgun Microphone.

Audio Technica 4053b Hypercardioid Microphone.

2x Micron Explorer 100 Radio Mic Kits (Channel 38).

5x Sennheiser EW122P G3 Radio Mic kits (Channel 38).

7x Sanken COS11D Lavalier Microphones.

2x Rode Lavalier Microphones.

2x RodeLink Wireless kits (Perfect for IEMs and Wireless Camera Links).

4x Tentacle Sync Timecode Units.

Plus other bits and bobs - Headphones, Windshield Systems, Boom Pole, Bag, Harness, Cables, Waterproofs, Batteries, Memory Cards etc.